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Working together for the mission and ministry of the church, both locally and throughout the world.


We are blessed at St. Paul's Lutheran Church & School with a passionate and dedicated church council who first and foremost have hearts for people and for their Lord. Below are the members of our council and the board(s) they serve on. Church leadership is eleected by term at our annual voters' meeting. If you have need to be in touch with one of our council or board members, please see the St. Paul's Church Directory or contact the church office for contact information.

Council Leadership

Kevin Keil, President

Joe Saenger, Vice President

Patty Klatt, Secretary

Nettie Schultz, Treasurer


Board of Finance

Karen Laughlin, Chair

Ralph Teckemeyer

Sue Flatau

Rick Fresonke

Deb Meyer

Jen Anderson

Mary Chase - alternate

Diana Saenger - alternate

Linda Boedigheimer - alternate

Board of Discipleship & Evangelism

Donna Ebeling, Chair

Kathy Steinmetz

Diane Schultz

Ruth Cooper

Bonnie Stohs

Jane Harris

Sue Fresonke

Board of Elders

Dave Pawlowski, Chair

Don Meyer

Dean Schultz

Jerry Klatt

Todd Steeke

Matt Kaul

Thomas Gustafson

Eric Steuber

Brian Lueders

Board of Youth & Family

Christopher Brown, Advisor

Naomi Kawlewski, Chair

Tracy Brown

April Schultz

Kim Flatau

Sadie Schornack

Cemetery Board

Fred Lehmkul, Sexton

Larry Brasel

Eldon Brasel

LuAnn Carow

Mark Rusche

Stan Marotz

Mark Holzer

Board of Properties

Mark Ebeling, Chair

Jake Holzer

Amanda Kaldor

Curtis Seifert

Josh Zacharias

LeAnn Feldt

Eric Sweeney

Board of Education

Brett Glawe, Chair

Becky Hoefs, Treasurer

Tiffany Voigt

Katie Hennagir

Jamie Holzer, Secretary

Trust Fund Board

Mary Schmidt, Chair

Diane Schultz

Deb Bokelman

Joan Radunz

Donna Ebeling

Pete Greiff, Treasurer

Bonnie Stohs

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